Canadian Music Week’s #HouseParty159

If you’ve been fortunate to attend one of Tim McCready’s infamous 159 Manning parties, you know that no one throws house parties better than he. Last Saturday, McCready joined forces with MUSI Artist Development, Last Frame, Pirates Blend Records, MOOG Audio, and Steamwhistle Brewery for the ultimate Canadian Music Week day party. #HouseParty159 featured living room… Read More »

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She Does The City is excited to partner with Humble Empire and Young Lions Music Club to present Live in Bellwoods: Great Heart Festival 2012

Ah, Live in Bellwoods. A time of lounging in the sun and listening to always memorable and often unexpected sets from your favourite bands. A time when everyone at NXNE, wristband or no, ID or no, can gather in the park and enjoy awesome tunes and each other. This year, the totally free performance series… Read More »

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