Rhya Tamasauskas, Partner at the Monster Factory

The Monster Factory is an entertainment and licensing brand based in Toronto, Canada, best known for its imaginative characters and creative plush toy designs. Firstly, it’s super cool that Rhya has turned monster making into a career, and secondly, if you aren’t familiar with Colin, Clementine, Lucy and gang – then you really ought to… Read More »

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Monster Factory and Clothing Brand Experiment unite to give you a hoodie and a wee friend to wear it with

Gah! The cutest! Canadian companies Monster Factory and Clothing Brand Experiment have united for a truly adorable collaboration: a hoodie, and matching wee monster named Colin, WEARING THE SAME HOODIE! What more could you ask for? With only 18 sets made, this is a true collector’s item, but before you throw a monster-sized “I WANT… Read More »

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