This Friday you can get all Canadian and party in an igloo

You know how non-Canadians always like to make fun of us by asking if we live in igloos? Well, if you’re in Toronto this Friday, you can party in one. The always-interesting Newmindspace has organized an underground igloo for you to jam in, and it sounds sa-weeeet! Featuring the bumpin’ beats of 23, JD Mack, Flyboy, and more, plus people dressed… Read More »

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Newmindspace Pillow Fight on May 8th: Get your friend back for always spilling your beer, or hit on that hot guy (literally).

Words and Photos By Becca Lemire This upcoming Saturday from 3-5pm, silly-spreaders and public art-rejoicers Newmindspace are throwing Toronto’s 5th annual Pillow Fight! And it’s at the perfect time too, you can sleep in late AND still make it to your hot date afterwards (or the Pillow Fight Afterparty, location TBA), all fired up from… Read More »

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