Give a Hellagood Toast

A great toast is to New Year’s Eve what mistletoe is to Christmas. Whether you are quietly ringing in the New Year with some close folks at home, or getting fancy and hitting the town, up the warm-and-fuzzy factor by raising a glass to your company. Making a toast is a nod to those you… Read More »

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by Karen Cleveland A few of the SDTC girls took to the Drake on a recent snowy night for Live Band Karaoke with the nice guys from Shark Week. It was a perfect trifecta of fun company, great nostalgic music and a healthy amount vodka. Those with the moxie to take to the stage were… Read More »

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Holiday Party Dos and Don'ts

The stories that come out of office holiday Christmas parties can be horrifying. We’ve heard the tale of the middle age drunk woman who dove off a karaoke machine, leaving several colleagues with cuts and bruises. The wasted IT guy who monopolizes the dance floor with the worm, the blow jobs on the photo copier… Read More »

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