You wanna start something?

You know those people of whom the expression “they chase drama, or simply create it” could be written for? Well, I may be one of them. While I can keep a friend for more than one season of my life (sorry, LC), I am most certainly that person that can fill the Monday dreariness with… Read More »

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Time is on No One’s Side

Whether flying high or down in the gutter, one thing is for sure: Life is all about timing. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only whose life has come down to a series of critical moments: catching the bus makes or breaks the rest of your day, leaving a party seconds earlier would let you… Read More »

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"Sally, good to see you!" "Sarah… Sorry, who are you?"

You know those people who enjoy calling everything awkward, as in ‘Omigod, he’s sooo awkward’? Well, my life is a series of awkward moments in that genuine ‘dear-god please let this moment pass’ kind of way. Lying, I am not. Perhaps this has something to do with my recent occurrence of perpetually starting something new.… Read More »

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