Rac Boutique announces the return of the Bazaar in celebration of Fashion's Night Out!

The last Rac Bazaar was a fashion lover’s dream, and this one is sure to be even better. The ladies of RAC bring together some of the most beloved independent Toronto fashion retailers for three days of great shopping, including Gotstyle, Lab Consignment, Drake General Store, Psalms:911, Vocado, Elle Hardware, Woodlawn, Rescue Vintage, Robber, Philistine Vintage,… Read More »

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Six Tips for Editing Your Closet

It’s that time of year again. Seasons are changing, and there’s a task that very few girls enjoy doing, but we must: editing your closet. Acquiring clothing, or stuff in general, is an emotional thing. You remember purchases in tandem with memories, and what you wore to various events as if it punctuated the occasion.… Read More »

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