DIY love note By Dilys Tong Sew Be It Studio  Let’s be honest…. No matter how much I announce the fact that I hate Valentines, deep inside I secretly wish the cupid would send me a Valentine love. What is a better way to tell that special someone “Be mine!” than with a handmade Valentine… Read More »

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Snow Flake Placemat

By Dilys  December is usually a crazy month for all of us. We are lucky to have time to breath between family gatherings and holiday parties. Lets be realistic….its easy to run out of time before getting to all the holiday sewing projects you had planned to do. No need to get into panic… Read More »

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Christmas Stocking

by Dilys Tong This Christmas, be a finance wizard by making your own Christmas gifts and decorations. Not only is it a great way to add your personal touch to the gifts but also a great way to eliminate the dreadful arrival of the unwelcome Visa bills in the January. At just a fraction of… Read More »

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Bacon and Egg Costume for Dog

By Dilys TongSew Be It Studio This Halloween show your evil side by wrapping your dog in an egg and bacon. Forget the typical princess or witch costume, step outside the box and make this ridiculously cute and easy costume for the pooch. In half an hour, your breakfast combo pooch is served. Don’t forget… Read More »

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Safe Sex in the City Pillow

by Dilys Tong Sew Be It Studio There is more to being single and fabulous than having a closet full of sky high pumps and little black dresses. Nothing is more important than safe sex. Over the course of my dating escapades, I’ve realized that you can’t depend on men to be sensible with certain… Read More »

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Chilly Willy

by Dilys Tong Let’s face it! No matter how hard you tried to preserve your favourite t-shit, it ultimately will meet its fatal end – coffee stains, sweat stains, wine stains….the list goes on. Just take a look at my all time favourite Chilly Willy tee – it’s covered in crap that I can scrub… Read More »

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