Birds in Flight Silhouette Curtains

by Rina Grosman So I know what some of you might be thinking: “please god not another bird inspired motif!” But suck it up. What else flies across the sky past your window? Well I guess you could also do this project with airplanes, aliens, stars, magic faeries, or Peter Pan. But I chose birds….so… Read More »

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The EX-Voodoo Pin Cushion

by Rina Grosman For anyone out there who sews, you are probably tired of the same old tomato pin cushion (why the hell did they come up with a tomato as the standard?!). This craft unites your hatred for the tomato as well as a distaste that you may perhaps have for an Ex. If… Read More »

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Cutesy-Wutesy Tea Cozy

by Rina Grosman Hello again! I realize that I didn’t introduce myself in the first column so here’s a little bit about me: I’m an arts educated lass who’s been told numerous times that there has to be an 80 year old grandmother stuck in my body. I teach sewing and crafting to all ages… Read More »

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Fire Hydrant Leggings

by Rina Grosman Hello and welcome to She Does the City’s new craft column Sew What, the how to for creative individuals who often find themselves gazing in store windows and exclaiming “I can do that!” This project is dedicated to another She Does the City writer, Olga who, if she hasn’t told you a… Read More »

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