In Conclusion; Some Final Updates and Recipes From A Treeplanting Kitchen In The Woods. Kristy gets ready to head back to the city

Actress Kristy Lapointe spent the summer cooking for a treeplanting camp in Northern Canada with her husband. She shared her adventures with SDTC. This is her last missive from the woods. And just like that, this psychotic woodland summer is over. For our fin dinner in camp we did a simple Taco Salad with a… Read More »

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The Five Worst Things About TreePlanting

Treeplanting as a summer job is intense. You work for about 10 hours a day, walking in clear cut forests, carrying bags of tree seedlings on your back, manually planting anywhere from 1500-3500 trees in the dirt. Then you go home to your tent, sleep for a few hours, wake up and do it again.

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