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If I hadn’t met Briana Southward, I would have never had a reason to feel this awesome about eating Nutella. Not the actual spread that’s sold in grocery stores, but the homemade, non-radio-active version: hazelnut butter + dark cocoa. Seriously, do this and your deepest desires to lick goopy chocolaty spread off a spoon will… Read More »

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Hungry, Hormonal and Having a Baby – A Guide to Toronto Snacks that Satisfy Cravings

The first thing you feel upon discovering you’ve got a bean on the way is generally not hunger (more like chronic fatigue syndrome), but as the weeks go by and the nausea (hopefully) subsides, you’ll find yourself absolutely, positively, ravenous. It’s different for everyone (pickles? quail’s eggs? top soil?), but the source of my cravings seem to have hatched… Read More »

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