RSVP now for an exclusive book signing and cocktail reception for Adria Vasil's latest novel, Ecoholic Body, at Consonant Skincare

We love Adria Vasil, green activist and advice-giver behind NOW’s long-running Ecoholic column. Her newest novel, Ecoholic Body, (which is 100% recycled and vegetable-dyed), is full of must-have info: she breaks down virtually every product that comes into contact with our bodies. We’re considering this our new bible to help live life toxin-free.

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Nilou walks Veet's Pink Carpet at the Trump Hotel and takes in a special performance by Lights

The lovely Trump hotel  was decked out in pink from head to toe to launch Veet’s new Easy Wax system with the V-Day Pink Carpet, and guests included Juno-nominated Lights, Marilyn Monroe, and GAMS GAMS GAMS! Legs are a girl’s best friend, and so are rose macaroons, pink champagne, feather boas, and photoshoots. Event muse, Marilyn Monroe, was… Read More »

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Kiva goes to the #TIFF Essentials Lounge at Le Germain and is convinced to lose her brow wax virginity by a PR queen with Veronica-from-the-Archies hair

Hair, all things considered, it pretty hilarious–it grows in patches, different colours, pops up in places you’d never expect it too. Really, hair is the renegade element of the human body, swearing no loyalty to any one region, texture or pattern. And while we need it (especially with that fall bite back in the air)… Read More »

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