She Does Chicago: 72 Hours in the Windy City

Recently, my twin sister and I took a last-minute mid-week trip to Chicago (WHY. NOT. RIGHT?). Neither of us had ever been there before so we were determined to cram a lot in. I feel we achieved this. This is how: Tuesday: 7:30am: Arrive at Billy Bishop Airport. Impressed by convenience of location. Not impressed… Read More »

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Québec City’s Ice Hotel: Where guests dance in snowsuits, sleep on ice beds and drink vodka from a glass made of ice.

There is something about travelling that causes people to do things they would never normally do in their day-to-day lives. Maybe it’s the fleeting nature of the excursion or the idea that you’re temporarily free of your usual constraints. Or maybe it’s the desire to overcome a longstanding phobia. Call it the “bucket list” mentality,… Read More »

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