How to Transform Yourself into a Savvy Traveller

I moved to Europe this year. (And only for a year- I can’t leave my beloved TO behind for long). Now, the day I moved to Europe happened to be my first time ever being in Europe. And as you can imagine, the learning curve from there has been fairly steep—culturally, linguistically, and in that (albeit cliché) way travelling… Read More »

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Travel tips to prevent whiners

I always think I love to travel—that I am full of wanderlust and must hit the open road, fly the friendly skies, or sail the wild ocean once or twice a year to feel fulfilled. It used to be that any travel would suffice, but lately I find myself getting more particular about where I… Read More »

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Scuba diving in the Philippines, canyoning in India, hiking the Everest region and more! Unforgettable adventure travel getaways to spike your adrenaline

We know how you feel. It’s still winter in Toronto and you’re in vacation daydream mode – time to start planning (and saving) for your next big trips of 2012. But if you’ve already done the all-inclusive resorts and R&R stays on the beachside, you may be sick of them by now. So take the… Read More »

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Seven Reasons Why a Toronto Girl Should Visit Berlin

This past summer, I finally did it. I took the plunge and immersed myself in an entirely new city and culture without knowing a single soul beforehand. How? I participated in a study abroad program through the University of Toronto and took a politics course titled “Societal Change, Modern Germany and the Process of European Integration” in… Read More »

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Having Words

I’m back from a little vaunt to paradise. I’d lament about how awful it is coming back to the blustery weather here, but that would be in bad poor taste since it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. My time in Nicaragua was a picture of charming locals and travellers, everyone wildly kind and polite (save for… Read More »

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