PhD Land: To Dissertate or Not to Dissertate

I once said the following to my father: “If I ever decide to do a PhD – please make sure you stop me.” Shortly after making this proclamation, I sat across from my soon-to-be doctoral supervisor at a dinner and we talked all evening. I walked home with the makings of a PhD application proposal… Read More »

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Back to School: A return visit to my alma mater proves they've still got a thing or two to teach me

Upon returning to my alma mater, Queens University, this past weekend, two things quickly occurred to me. First: Nothing has changed. And secondly: Everything has changed. Of course, this apparent discrepancy lies with me, the two-year stale alumna, who, in jeans and a blazer, felt over-dressed in the sea of rugby shirts and beloved sweats… Read More »

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Roommate 101: Home Sweet Homies

By Monica Heisey Whether you’ve been randomly matched in residence or you’ve chosen to live with your besties, having roommates is a total gamble. Here are some tips from someone who’s been there on happy co-habitation.

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