How do you get up the guts to mount your own play? Local actor Vanessa Smythe gives us the scoop on her Fringe show, Beast, a love story inspired by a goldfish

Vanessa Smythe, a young Toronto actor who just finished working with Woody Harrelson in Bullet for Adolf, took a shot at the Fringe Festival lottery without a play in mind. When she got in, the pressure was on to create an original work she was proud of. The result? Beast, Smythe’s second original work, which… Read More »

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An interview with the three female stars of Woody Harrelson's new play, Bullet for Adolf, on now at Hart House

When it comes to Toronto women, Woody Harrelson knows what’s up. Nothing could prove that point faster than sitting at Kos on a rainy day with Tashieka McTaggart, Vanessa Smythe, and Meghan Swabe, the three young female stars of Harrelson’s new play, Bullet For Adolf. Opening Tuesday night to an enthusiastic crowd at Hart House,… Read More »

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