Shopgirls Boutique in Parkdale does wonders for our bums with their Yoga Jeans

Shopgirls Boutique in Parkdale is an absolute smorgasbord of veggie-dyed, recycled, reclaimed, re-everythinged, and art pieces. And all designed in Canada, no less. You can find everything from a table made from bicycle parts to necklaces made from shirt collars to earrings made from rusty nails. And there’s nothing rusty about this place. Owner Michelle… Read More »

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Blansdowne’s Newest (Only?) Concept Boutique HAUS puts the Green in Sustainable and the Sashay in Fierce

by Becca Lemire This HAUS, at 1265 Bloor St. W at Lansdowne, is built with love, sizzling fashion sense and intention. A semi-recent addition to the emerging Bloordale neighbourhood of Toronto, HAUS showcases and encourages forward-thinking products, labels and designers from local to elsewhere, including sustainable housewares, natural skincare, upcycled vintage and untouched vintage classics at reasonable… Read More »

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