I love sushi. She loves sushi. Who doesn’t love sushi?

Last week I was invited to a night out for sushi. But here’s the fun part, it was DIY sushi. I must admit I was a little nervous at the thought of having to make my own sushi (I’m definitely no sushi master) but the fun experience at Wabora Sushi was totally worth it.

Wabora is a beautiful restaurant located at the Thompson hotel. The staff are very friendly and taught us how to perfect our sushi presentation by “shaping sticky rice into snowballs”. The way this DIY sushi class runs is simple, fun and efficient. You meet up with your sushi making partners at the restaurant and the sushi pros demonstrate how to make your sushi rolls. The first roll (a tempura vegetarian roll)  is made in less than 15 minutes… and eaten ever quicker. The 2nd crunchy roll is a little more complicated but just as tasty! There’s something extra delicious about eating the works of your own sushi labour.

The whole event took was about 2 hours long (thats including the sushi demonstration, sushi making, wine drinking and girl chatting). It was a really fun thing that you can do for a ladies night out, date night or just to tune up on those sushi making skills. And it’s mess free!

Wabora offers these sushi making classes every Monday at 6:30pm and on Saturday afternoons. Check out Buytopia.ca for a special offer running NOW.

I definitely recommend it!

~ Liza Hicks