I have to break it down like this, because it’s the truth……what do all females have in common? The greatness of womanhood and the monthly visit that comes along with that!

Sue Hyatt, National Director of The 500 Staffing, is helping to turn our need for tampons into something positive! All us ladies are invited to come out to Tampon Tuesday.  This event is an opportunity to meet and network with some great people within the community.

The trick is to just show up and as they say, “GO WITH THE FLOW.”

The admittance is one box of tampons (or any other feminine hygiene product), in hopes of “women helping women…. one box at a time.” All donations will go to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

The event is being held at Jack Astors Bar & Grill (133 John Street) on January 24th from 5PM to 8PM.

To connect with Tampon Tuesday check it: facebook.com/TamponTuesday & @tampontuesday

~ Lindsey Peterson