From you to your 12 year old sister to your 24 year old gay male roommate to your 24 year old straight male roommate to apparently every sexy youngster in Hollywood (damn you Swift! How dare you break Lautner’s heart?), everyone loves her. Taylor Swift is the Disney-Princess-Pretty singing sensation that people can’t help but adore. (‘Ye not withstanding.)

Whether it’s the fact that she pens her own songs or rocks red lipstick better than ScarJo, Swift is as contagious as catchy taglines during municipal elections. And apparently, she’s got an entire blonde army in the 416 who trampled in force down to MuchMusic to grin hard and hoist homemade posters to welcome her to Toronto, and really, who can complain? She looks as good in a pea coat as she does in a fake wig or hipster glasses, and our fetish for anything southern ain’t goin’ anywhere any time soon.

Photos courtesy of MuchMusic.