What used to merely exist as a disproportionately fun live show, Teenage Kicks have really moved in a new and exciting artistic direction, sporting witch hats, leather collars, licking “blood” from “swords,” “blowing fire,” and chaining fair maidens to trees.  Scroll back a week or so in blog-time and you’re looking at a charmingly scruffy man-with-chalkboard series of photos across our beautiful home and native land.  Turn the blog-clocks back another week and all of a sudden Aretha’s Chain of Fools is brought to you live off the floor by some bonafide Rock and Roll gentlemen.

What is this cultural sensation, you ask?  Teenage Kicks are releasing a lovingly homemade video each week before their upcoming album release party at the Horseshoe this April 29th.  You’re being silly if you don’t take a look.


~ Annie Webber