Rage woman! There’s lots to be angry about! And now there’s a local community that encourages you to channel your fury into creative work. Temper Tantrum is a queer feminist art collective in Toronto that has recently launched an online marketplace to support self-identifying women artists who are creatively outspoken. “We aim to create a community that pushes each other,” says co-founder Carly Whitmore. “We sell art that is sometimes wearable, sometimes stick-able and sometimes readable and at an accessible price point.”

Got a message you want to share? Need a space to showcase your political art? Want to connect with other local artists who are out to make some noise? Temper Tantrum wants you.

We dig their hot-headed passionate mandate: “We are here for emotional outbursts, for stubbornness, for defiance. We believe in shouting loudly and expressing yourself emotionally and politically. We want to celebrate self-identified women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, beliefs, all with a past and a distinct story to tell.” 

Sometimes a good temper tantrum is just the disruption needed to get noticed. Let ‘er rip.