While a daiquiri on ice or chilled chardonnay may be refreshing, these ten non-alcoholic bevvies will actually quench your thirst. Both classy and tasty for garden party hosting, they also go well for lazy Sundays on a lawn chair.

1. President’s Choice Free and Clear Black Cherry
It’s caffeine free, sugar free, made with natural flavour and I can chug one of these in under a minute. SO GOOD! I love the bite of the black cherry, the soft bubbles and a 1 Litre bottle is priced at 1.99 at most PC retailers.

2. Ikea’s Kolsyrad Appledryck
Look how cool this can is? People should take graphic and font lessons at Ikea’s food store. I like the bottom line the best “Alkoholfri” That’s not cute, it’s Swedish. Anyway, pour this over ice and savour. A perfect slow sip for when you are just being under a tree.

3. Zico 100% Pure Coconut Water
It’s weird how certain things can become sooo trendy, like coconut water. If you go to any health food store these days, you are likely to find as many coconut water brands as there are stress relief or “happy” pills. If you want to refurbish your electrolytes, then this is the way to go. You can also have a guy just axe you a coconut in Chinatown, but then you will have the problem of where to put the coconut once you’ve slurped it’s watery milk? WE HATE COCONUT LITTER BUGS!

4. San Pellegrino
We drink this by the case. “Nuff said.

5. Bottle Green Elderflower
Pretend you are Anne of Green Gables and drink elderflower water. It’s old fashioned, like the name Myrtle. If we could lick the word “refreshing” in the dictionary, it would taste like Elderflower. #awww

6. Ribena Blackcurrent
For slow summer days when you just want to flip through a Hello. Ribena is made of Blackcurrant from Britain, and they are proud of their purple drink. Remember, this is a syrup that you mix with water, so you can play with the level of sweetness.

7. Perrier Pink Grapefruit
It really does taste like grapefruit! For when you want a twist on sparkling water.

8. Pomegranate Goji from Tealish
There are two ways to make iced tea with loose leaf herbal tea: Double the dose, boil, and pour over ice OR make a bunch and stick it in the fridge. Pomegranate Goji is fresh, fruity and full of antioxidants: Drinking a pitcher of this feels like a detox in itself. But here’s what they recommend for iced tea.

9. Luscious Watermelon from David’s Tea
They describe it better than we could, “Mingling honeydew, strawberry leaves and apple with generous chunks of watermelon, this fruit-packed tea is overflowing with juicy melon flavour. Try it on ice and get ready to dangle your bare feet off the balcony: summer is officially here. Caffeine-free.”

10. Mango Madness from David’s Tea
You know that feeling when you flip the skin of a mango inside out, put it to your mouth and just bite and suck until every bit of sweet sticky flavour is dripping down your chin? Now imagine that feeling but doing it under a waterfall. Now, imagine that this has nothing to do with iced tea and everything to do with serious foreplay. What? Just try it, you’ll see.

*Prices vary depending on grocery store but all are a less expensive alternative to cold beer or chilled rosé, and feel equally special to sip. Your knocked up friends will thank you.

~ Jen McNeely