Cordelia Comealot has been testing out a variety of sex toys that were sent to us from The Everything To Do With Sex Show. We’ve already posted her findings on the We Vibe III and here she will share with us how she’s been playing with Aslan Leather Cuffs.


Hi! I’m Cordelia Comealot and I enjoy having my hands cuffed while giving head.

The really cool thing about Aslan Leather Cuffs is that you can wear them anywhere and only you, your lover and other perverts will know what that badass black leather bracelet you’re wearing really is. I wear mine with skinny jeans, riding boots, a leather jacket and red lipstick; it’s very fashion forward. While at a dinner party, my lover will sort of stroke my leather wrist gear. I’ll quickly catch his eye, smirk and we both know that someone is going to pay later. But who will be the sex slave? Ooooh…this is mischievous.

I enjoy dabbling with S&M but I’m certainly not hardcore. These Aslan cuffs are perfect because they act as a naughty restraint but are much less intense than a ball gag strapped to my mouth or a metal clamp on my nipple. What’s also neat is that they can work for you whether you are dominant or submissive.

When I’m feeling like I want to be in charge, I’ll flip them off my wrist and bound my man from behind before pushing his face between my legs. “Get on your knees and lick it.” I’ll demand.  

When we switch roles, he then straps the cuffs on me before ordering that I get on all fours.”You’re getting fucked now.” Then I’m in big trouble. 

Fun, right?

I suppose the best part is the tease. Whenever I wear them, when I’m with him, it’s a constant reminder that I’m his and vice versa. Stylishly designed, it’s our little secret.

~ Cordelia Comealot

Aslan Leather will have a booth at The Everything To Do With Sex Show this weekend. Further, Mr. Gray from Aslan Leather, will be performing bondage demonstrations every 90 minutes in the Fifty Shades Playroom, located right across from the Dungeon. Is it time to add some leather restraints into your sexual repertoire? Have you been a bad girl? Perhaps you need to be tied down.

More info on the kinky play room here.