Like theatre? Like music? Like art? Like weird? Get thee to the Rhubarb Festival.

In its 35th (!) year at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre space in the Village, this year the experimental queer arts festival will be moving things out of the theatre and into the surrounding community with its Open Space Projects, a series of site-specific performances and installations at five historic Toronto institutions (while still keeping the MainStage, Cabaret and other spaces jam-packed with programming, of course). There’s so much going on at this busy festival it’s hard to narrow down what we want to see. But we did our best with this list:

A Free, Multi-Performance Bonanza of an Opening Night, starting at 6:00, February 12th
A few hours of frenetic performance to be followed by a wild opening night party. A great introduction to the fest.

Do I Have to Do Everything My Fucking Self? by Regina the Gentlelady at 9:30, February 14th
Can’t imagine a better Valentine’s Day plan than this debut theatrical offering by the drag persona of indie darling Gentleman Reg.

Henri Fabergé On the Lamb by Henri Fabergé, Kayla Lorette and Alex Tindal at 8:30, February 19 – 23rd
Want to laugh and be weirdly turned on at the same time? Hi guys. (Full disclosure: one of these guys is my boyfriend so I feel this way literally all the time.)

Trapped! by Hope Thompson, dir. Morgan Norwich at 9:00, February 19-23rd
“Film noir lesbian melodrama,” anyone? This question is rhetorical. See you there.

Jagged Canyon by Bridget Moser at 9:00, February 19-23rd
 A mix of dance, performance art, prop comedy and sweatpants tell the story of two sisters.

Show and Tell Lunches at 12:30pm, February 13 & 14, 20 & 21
Artists and friends of the festival talk process, share ideas, show and tell. BYOL.

Week One MainStage Projects are $10, Week Two Evening Passes are $20. Open Space Projects and Artist Talks are listed as free, with donations accepted at the door, but we’d encourage visitors to dig deep—this year the festival had a large portion of its funding cut for no apparent reason. Full schedule and ticket purchasing options at the festival’s website