The Best Deliverable Long-Distance Gifts for Mother’s Day

The sun is shining, tulips are popping up and hemlines are getting shorter – it must be spring! It may be the media hyping up the change of season, it might be those extra hours of sunlight, but something about the last few weeks has felt decidedly springy. Either way, the beginning of spring means that Mother’s Day is just around the corner! And since this is my very first Mother’s Day away from home, I went on a hunt for the best long-distance deliverable gifts for my Momma this year. Here are a few ideas I thought I’d share in case you are far from your favourite lady this year…

DIY Herb Garden

For the green-thumb mom with a large yard, a teeny balcony, or even just a sunlit windowsill, a gift box full of all the elements she needs to put together her very own herb garden is a delightfully springy idea. West Elm carries a variety of planters in all different colours and sizes that are painted with chalkboard paint to keep track of what’s what (BONUS: they’re all on sale right now!) Throw in a bag of soil and some seed packets (beware – this could be tricky for international shipping) and you’re good to go!

BRIKA Gift Boxes 

For the mom who likes to support small business, BRIKA gift boxes are hand-curated and beautifully presented packages of home and body products. BRIKA seeks to provide a retail platform for female artisans across North America whose collections are woven together through storytelling.

A Birchbox of Beauty

For the mom who loves to discover new lotions and potions, Birchbox is a subscription service that will arrive at her door with samples of new items each month. The gift that keeps on giving, literally!

Tea of the Month Club

You know who loves tea? Moms. That’s who. And I know one mom in particular (mine) who would go bananas for 6 months of tea deliveries right to her doorstep. Get your mom out of her English Breakfast rut and sign her up for the Teavana Tea of the Month Club.

Wine of the Month Club
If you love the idea of a monthly subscription gift, but your mom’s a little more vino and a little less herbal tea, then look no further than a wine of the month club! There are plenty of clubs with offers all over the web, so do a bit of research here to ensure that it doesn’t become prohibitively expensive.

iPhoto Calendar

Your mom is perhaps the very last person on this earth who would be impressed by printed photos (OK, dad and grandparents make that list too). Why not take all those amazing photos of you, your siblings, and the rest of your family and put together an iPhoto calendar she will cherish all year long.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms, grandmas, aunts, and mother figures out there!

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