The temperature is rising, and so are our libidos. The sun is out, and love (or some form of lust or infatuation, at least) is in the air. So whether you’ve already found the apple of your eye or are actively seeking a fling before summer arrives, there are plenty of fun activities that tight-for-cash twosomes can engage in without breaking the bank.

Mini Putt: Polson Pier
At $9 a game (or $8 on weekdays), mini putt is a cheap and fun date option. The activity offers ample occasions to check out your partner’s booty. And as an added bonus, it’s also rife with opportunity for making hilariously inappropriate jokes about holes and balls.

AGO Free Wednesday Nights
Find obscure pieces of modern art and share your interpretations of them, Rorschach-style, to get an inside look at your partner’s personality—and deepest, darkest fears. The AGO’s longstanding free Wednesday nights from 6pm-8:30pm are the perfect event for this, but agoraphobes or partners of: be warned. It’s popular, so expect a sizeable crowd.

Secret Planetarium
Find out what the stars have in store for you and your date, or at least watch them mechanically align at the U of T’s inflatable geodome theatre. The planetarium is on the small side, seating about 25 people per viewing—but at $5 a pop, it’s a cheap date that costs less than your laundry money for the week. See when the next show is here.

Picnic in the Park
Elbow out some room for the two of you to enjoy a picnic at your local park. Pack some picnic-friendly snacks or pick up premade items at your local grocery store. Stay until after sundown and see if you can spot any of the stars you scoped out at the planetarium. You probably won’t, but it’ll be fun to try (and a good excuse to get him or her in a vulnerable position).