Each week, Leyla explores a different class in Toronto and gives you a breakdown of what’s awesome and what’s not.

Studio: Extension Room – 30 Eastern Avenue

Instructor: Jennifer Nichols 

Description: By now the misconception that ballet is ‘girly’ has been dispelled: It’s the stuff warriors are made of. This intro class warms up with jogging in-place and doesn’t slow down. You sweat through ballet inspired exercises that feel like running, lunging, and doing jumping jacks– all at once. Nichols instructs by doing each move herself, except 10 times more gracefully. The cool down? Planks and sit-ups.

Why I signed up: To shake-up my comfort zone. I have a contentious relationship with dance. I hate doing it ‘cause I’m not good. But, oh my God, I wish I were.

Price: 20$/class, including H.S.T. Into offer of 40$/two-week unlimited. Package savings available.

Level of difficulty from 1 (newbie) to 5 (hardcore): 5. No qualms about it, this class is intense. It takes coordination, balance, and stamina. That said, as someone who can barely stand on one foot, let alone tap my head while rubbing my belly, I walked away loving it.

Why you should (or shouldn’t) try it: Between trying to plié, thrashing through a pirouette, and figuring out

port de bras, you’ll almost forget how hard you’re working. But be forewarned, there’s no resting in Downward Dog/Child’s Pose in this class.

Overall assessment: Allegro means brisk and lively. Consider this a down payment on your summer of 2013 bikini body.

More information and class schedules here at extensionmethod.com