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The Fitness Test: Sugarfoot’s Knockout Workout

Each week, Leyla explores a different class in Toronto and gives you a breakdown of what’s awesome and what’s not.

Studio: Sugarfoot (220 Richmond St. W.)
Instructor: Suzanna

Description: Get ready to feel like Rocky Balboa! The Knockout Workout goes something like this: Skipping rope, squats, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, shoulder presses, and a brief lesson on the rudiments of a punch (sans gloves). Then it’s back to skipping rope, followed by mountain climbers (basically running in place but in plank position). Now that you’re warmed up, grab a pair of gloves and really start to POW!

Reason I signed up: My natural inclination is more yogi than boxer, but sometimes a girl just wants a good fight.

Price: $17.50/class, plus HST. First class is free. Package savings are available.

Level of difficulty from 1 (newbie) to 5 (hardcore): This 45-minute class is as difficult as you make it. If you’re a newbie you can just practice form. If you’re a pro, pound it out.

Why you should (or shouldn’t) try it: You know how sometimes you want to just punch someone? In this class you can. It’s empowering. Plus, before long your shoulders will be your new best friends. But keep in mind that because the class is half-workout and half-instructional, it might feel a bit choppy. Picture more interval training than flow.

Overall assessment: GIRL POWER!

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