So this week’s installment was a rich buffet of assorted drama, starting with a trip to Spain and ending with a charity ball.

As the episode kicked off, Roxy was packing for the ladies’ trip to Barcelona. We viewers learned that, in Roxy’s world, “packing” means drinking wine in the bathtub while her assistant Elyse puts clothes in Roxy’s suitcases. Given how much I hate packing, I have vowed that, should I ever win the lottery, I’ll get my own Elyse. I hope my Elyse wears cute yellow crop tops too.

Soon, five of the six ladies were off in sunny Spain, taking Flamenco classes and touring around the city’s architectural gems. Kara, however, was notably absent. Everyone – especially Roxy – claimed to delight in this fact; however, their insistence that they would have more fun without Kara did not stop them from discussing her nonstop.

For some reason, the group was indignant about Kara not wanting to go on vacation with them, even though they obviously hate her. I don’t want to be biased or anything, but I’m on Kara’s side here. I too would find it odd if my nemeses asked me to join them on a voyage to Spain. Is that not normal?

Meanwhile, back in the 6ix, Kara and her husband were celebrating their wedding anniversary. I’m no genius, but I feel like wanting to be in town for that occasion is a rational reason not to go to Spain with a bevy of enemies. Instead of vacationing with people who think she’s a villain, Kara enjoyed a romantic dinner at L’Unita with her husband, who gifted her with a Céline bag.

As an aside, I would like to take this opportunity to tell Kara’s husband that, should their marriage not work out for any reason, I too like Céline bags. I believe I could be an exceedingly supportive wife in exchange for them.

When the five other leading ladies were done touring Spain and acting as Ann’s husband’s demo models at a cosmetic surgery conference, they returned to Toronto. Obviously more tumult ensued at this point. In an odd twist of events, Grego decided to make an appointment for Jana to meet with a matchmaker. She did so without Jana’s knowledge or consent. While she seemed miffed, Jana was much more cooperative than I would have been. Also, who pays to see a professional matchmaker in 2017? Someone needs to tell Grego you can download Bumble for free!

Grego claims she tricked her friend into meeting with a matchmaker, because she wants Jana “to be happy.” I guess for Grego, “happy” means not single. Jana literally gets paid money to teach yoga to super hot professional athletes. I strongly believe she has a better life than anyone I know and see no reason why she would be unhappy. Also, wouldn’t a husband cramp her style? I imagine it’s easier to flirt with pro hockey players when you’re not wearing a wedding ring.

After Grego single shamed her best friend, it was finally time for that AMBI Gala thing Kara has been talking up forever. I was irritated because, after hearing Kara wax poetic about this party for weeks, we saw only thirty seconds of footage. As a Real Housewives of Toronto superfan, I found this anti-climactic and well, unfair. Instead, far more time was spent on the limo ride Ann and Kara took to said charity ball.

En route to the AMBI Gala, Ann announced Joan would not be joining them at the party. Joan, it seemed, was still upset Kara had talked smack about her to that indiscrete eyelash specialist all the women employ. Kara purported to be surprised by the news, but since she is actually in charge of selling tickets to the event, I can’t imagine she was shocked. Having said that, Kara’s “fake surprise” face was impressive. I wonder if she secretly has a performance background?

Anyway, that’s a wrap on this recap. According to the trailer for next week’s episode, we are in for a full-on showdown between Joan and Kara. I hope they both bring someone to hold their hoops!