After watching The Real Housewives of Toronto, I am not unsure about the definition of the word bullying. You see, when the rest of the ladies gang up on Kara and declare her “judgmental,” or mock her boundaries about people taking their clothes off in her children’s home, that’s apparently justified. I’m pretty sure Kara could find the cure for cancer while saving a litter of puppies from a burning building, and the other women would still hate her. According to #RHOT’s Manichean worldview, Kara’s always the bad guy.

I understand I’ll be branded as a Kara apologist for defending her, but I don’t see why she’s being cast as some sort of super villain. After she and Joan had their confrontation this week, Joan declared, “I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life.” From such a declaration, one would think Kara had pledged allegiance to Satan. Instead, all Kara did was reiterate how offended she was when Joan became so intoxicated she removed her underwear at a dinner party held at Kara’s home, in front of Kara’s sons.

For her part, Joan explained she only left her panties on Kara’s dock after her Italian dinner party because they didn’t fit inside her purse. Watching The Real Housewives of Toronto has therefore taught me the value of carrying a handbag big enough to stuff your underwear into. You know, just in case.

It must be said that Joan and Kara’s altercation earlier in the episode was not the climax of this week’s installment. Oh no, that occurred at The White Party.

The White Party is a Real Housewives trope imported to RHOT from other franchises. As you may have guessed, it’s a party where everyone puts on white dresses, then proceeds to yell at each other. This sounds like my idea of hell, because I do not like conflict, and I’m paranoid about spilling red wine on white clothing.

This particular White Party was thrown by Grego, in honour of her husband, Pierre. It took place at The Spoke Club to celebrate his birthday. The event was apparently quite stressful for her to organize. On the day of the party, when Grego realized the caterers had not prepared a birthday cake, she was terrified that her husband’s party would be ruined. Apparently Grego has never heard of bakeries. Someone should inform her that, in addition to fancy caterers, bakeries can make cake too.

The White Party was a spectacle to behold. The liquor poured freely, the gowns were brighter than Tom Cruise’s veneers, and Grego even arranged for Brazilian dancers to perform! All I have to say is you know your marriage is rock solid strong when you feel comfortable hiring smoking hot, scantily clad dancers to appear at your spouse’s birthday.

Anyway, rather than celebrating Pierre’s birthday like mature people, Ann, Jana and Grego decided to confront Kara about her “judgmental” attitude. Because apparently it is judgmental to be angry at people who disrobe in the presence of your children at your dinner party? I guess I need to look up what the word judgemental means in the dictionary…

After a few tense minutes, Kara walked away from the confrontation – and away from the party altogether. This reaction to being ganged up upon was branded “unpredictable” behaviour; however, I’m unsure why. I do not usually stay at parties hosted by people who obviously hate me.

Sadly, next week’s episode will be the finale. How will all the dramz resolve? Can the ladies find peace and prosperity as a unit, or are they destined to feud forever? I have no idea, but the preview tells me it will feature a fashion show, so at least everyone will look pretty, even if they don’t act it.