Remember tromping down the stairs to watch the test panel until Rocky & Bullwinkle came on? Scarfing down multiple bowls of Lucky Charms as you hyped yourself into a sugar-filled explosion of mirth?

This Saturday at the Royal (608 College St), experience that high all over again with another round of the wildest cartoons from yesteryear with an all-you-can-eat-cereal bar!

Kids today may not realize the significance of the Saturday morning ritual, but once upon a time, we had to wait a whole week to get our cartoon fix, and when we got it, we binged.

In that gleefully gluttonous spirit, watch your old faves, complete with a smorgasbord of delicious sugary cereals! You’ll see both faves and obscurities spanning the forties through the eighties, vintage commercials and PSAs. The lineup is always a secret, but be prepared for time travel!

Adults are $15, kids under 14 are $8, and kids under 3 are FREE. Get tix here.