From the troll dolls on the dashboard, to the quirks and sayings, to the hot dudes dressing like Eddie Vedder, The To-Do List brought the ’90s to life—and was a massive summer hit for me. I was quite literally laughing out loud the entire time (when I wasn’t yearning for the long-haired, plaid clad hotties, that is).

Directed by Maggie Carey, the movie follows an eager and nerdy recent high school grad (Aubrey Plaza) who is ready to take college and the world by storm—only to find out that instead of having her nose in some books, she needs to have her tongue down the throats of some boys. Determined to lose her V-Card (dear ’90s lingo, I love you), our heroine sets out to check off a list of sexual escapades, including but not limited to dry humping, masturbating, and the finding her first ever elusive orgasm. 

Did she find sexual success? Did it lead to love? Was it good? Was it hilarious? 

Lets just say: I don’t recommend seeing it with your parents (though the parents in the film get quite frisky themselves), but highly recommend seeing it with a gaggle of giggly girls and a bunch of Diet Coke and popcorn. The film also stars hilarious heavyweights like Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Donald Glover, Rachel Bilson, Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg, so you know you’re going to be cracking up the whole way through.

Four out of four checkmarks, The To-Do List is a definite summer must-see. Especially if you want to relive the glorious ’90s.

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