Just in case you forgot how charming Jennifer Lopez is, there’s now an entire romantic comedy to remind you. The Back Up Plan is like Knocked Up for the over-30 set. Instead of stoned friends, there’s sassy boutique pet store employees. Instead of a one-night stand, there’s an artificial insemination. And instead of a college drop-out who dreams of creating a tits-based internet site, there’s a college drop out who’s living the dream of creating a successful farmer’s market cheese business, and going to night school. In several scenes like something out of a 1930’s musical, Zoe meets Stan-and they just can’t seem to shake each other. They eat hot dogs, have romantic private-garden pizza feasts, and everything is going swimmingly-until a weekend up at Stan’s farm, where Zoe reveals that just before they met, she was artificially inseminated, and is going to have a baby. What ensues is a film about getting everything you want, in the way you least expected-and confronting how our own insecurities stand in the way of our happiness. Like Knocked Up, there’s unexpected depth, some laughs, some panic attacks, and a couple you’re rooting for against all odds.