Vancouver's Beautiful Project makes pretty cards for assholes

“Hooray for me and fuck you.” Who doesn’t love a card that says that? Especially when designed in such a pretty unoffensive way.

Stumbling upon The Beautiful Project cards at The Dandelion Emporium brought on a quiet giggle that brightened up a shitty rainy day in Van. We couldn’t decide which card we liked more – the one about cute farts or the apology card “Sorry for being such an asshole.” It’s likely that we’d start a fight – just to pop that in the mail a day later.

We tracked down the woman behind these cheeky notes branded The Beautiful Project and were pleased to discover that founder – and illustrator / graphic designer – Jeannette Ordas is a local. So we asked her some questions about good hair and road trips:

SDTC: What is the most unsuspecting, but important, item in your tote/purse?

THE BEAUTIFUL PROJECT: Lip gloss, bike light and hand sanitizer (due to flu season).

SDTC: Who cuts your hair?

THE BEAUTIFUL PROJECT: Shai at Pome Studio (http://www.pome.ca)

SDTC: Where do you go in Van to chill out?


SDTC: What’s your favourite Van vintage shop?

THE BEAUTIFUL PROJECT: That would be a secret.

SDTC: Road trip – anywhere – where to?

THE BEAUTIFUL PROJECT: Recently have road-tripped around the Maritimes and the US east coast. Portland is always a good destination, but I really want to do a road trip of the American South.

SDTC: What’s your fave Van restaurant?

THE BEAUTIFUL PROJECT: The Cascade Room. Great burger, delicious cocktails, and a decent draft beer selection.

SDTC: What characteristics does an asshole exhibit?

THE BEAUTIFUL PROJECT: A closed mind, entitlement, and general dinkish behaviour.

SDTC: Describe an annoying new thing you’ve noticed on the streets of Van?

THE BEAUTIFUL PROJECT: Another new condo development.

SDTC: Foods you live on:

THE BEAUTIFUL PROJECT: Whatever my CSA allotment provides me each week. And popcorn.

SDTC: Mag or book you are most likely to pick up at the newsstand or bookstore?

THE BEAUTIFUL PROJECT:I’m library all the way. Probably a YA novel or a memoir.

In Vancouver – find The Beautiful Project Cards at:

The Dandelion Emporium – http://dandelion.emporium.ca

Paper Ya – http://www.paper-ya.com/

Manila Tag – http://www.manilatag.com

Or check out online: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thebeautifulproject?section_id=5825470

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