by Caitlyn Holroyd

Created at the Owl’s Nest Bar in the Calgary Inn back in 1969, the Caesar is the quintessential Canadian cocktail and the perfect way to cool down when the weather has you hot and bothered. Whether you like it extra spicy or extra boozy – here’s our picks for the best Caesars in Toronto.

The Lakeview (1132 Dundas St. W.)
With the kitchen open 24 hours, this popular diner serves up Caesars any time of day (virgin on the off-hours, natch.), but they’re especially delish during brunch time, when they’ll cost you a mere $3.

Southern Accent (595 Markham St.)
If you’re partial to spicy food and drinks, Southern Accent is the spot for you. Their Cajun/Creole and soul cuisine, Louisiana tunes, and psychic readings give you an authentic N’awleans experience and their Cajun Caesar (made with jalapeno-infused vodka and special rim) ain’t bad either.

Crooked Star (202 Ossington Ave.)
This kitschy bar on the trendy Ossington strip serves up delicious multicultural Caesars. Indian Caesars with tandoori, Japanese Caesars with wasabi and pickled ginger, Jamaican Caesars with jerk sauce, French Caesars with capers and Dijion…and the list goes on.

Tortilla Flats (458 Queen St. W.)
A popular choice for cheap eats and drinks with $2.75 domestic bottles on Wednesdays, $3 margaritas on Thursdays, and a mean triple shot Caesar for $7 any day of the week.

The Hoof Café (923 Dundas St. W.)
Even if you’re not one for pigtails or pork belly, the Hoof Caesar is well worth a visit. Pink peppercorn-infused vodka, homemade cayenne sauce, diluted Marmite, and spicy pickled wax beans for garnish make it well worth the $8.