On Thursday, December 6, Montreal’s Metropolis will host (among a GREAT fall/winter line-up of acts) Seattle-based, Grammy-nominated indie rock group Band of Horses.

The best, most intriguing aspect of this band is that their music seems to be, in our opinion, multi-purpose in nature. Their tunes are great for driving, playing board games on a rainy day at the cottage with your oldest friends, multi-generational family get-togethers, cooking, break-ups, wedding dances and everything in-between. The writing is fantastic, the song titles are witty and eclectic, and the men are, well, adorable and heavily bearded.

Band of Horses’ fourth studio album, “Mirage Rock”, was released this September, and is all-around pretty fantastic. Though we do hold a special place in our hearts for their second album “Cease to Begin.” There is something inherently wonderful in the vocals for Islands on the Coast and in the lyrics for Detlef Schrempf. All the happiness and disappointment you’ve ever experienced can be found wandering through their melodies and their words.

Tickets are only $36.50, and we imagine they will go quickly as the show date approaches. Buy yours right here, right now. See you at the show!

~ Tyler Yank (@Tyler_The_Girl)