The Everything To Do With Sex Show gushes through Niagara Falls this weekend!

So many reasons to visit Niagara this weekend: Vineyards, a journey on Maid of the Mist, Wax Museum, Funhouse and Kink 101 at the sex show! Mix it up a little! Rent one of those tacky motels with the mirrored ceiling, jacuzzi, vibrating bed and get to work….ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Beyond the myriad of naughty booths, take in a seminar on the mainstage or DUNGEON STAGE at the newly minted Scotiabank Convention Centre; you’re dirtier than you think.

I’m A Little Tied Up
Why do people like to be tied up? How do I do it so that I don’t suffocate my partner? What else can I use instead of rope? What is it about vulernability or power that is sexy? This kinky lecture will tie all these loose ends up.

Own Him: The Guide to the Perfect Blowjob
Sometimes they are fun and sometimes boring. Let’s figure out how to do this so that it works for everyone.

Rekindle the Passion
For couples looking to add sizzle to routine, this workshop will offer useful tips that will lead to sexy homework.

Spanking, Flogging and Bondage
Lifestyle Daddy and Master will teach you the joy/pain that comes from pushing the psychological and physical boundaries and role play. (Not exactly sure what a Lifestyle Daddy is…more reason to take this course!)

The Ultimate Orgasm
Who doesn’t want to know how to master this?

Meet Assassin the most sought after male stripper, watch a costume parade, grab a big dildo, eat some maple fudge, laugh, learn and then go get laid. NIAGARA is the new VIAGRA! Weeeee.

Schedule, ticket info and weird photos this way.

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