In the summer, my boyfriend and I ran into a friend of ours in the Annex. I was on my way to a friend’s birthday, wearing a tight floral dress. He was heading home to change, in a sleeveless shirt and high tops. She wheeled around on her bike and cried, “You guys look exactly like Hilary Banks and the Fresh Prince!” So we’ve got our outfits all sorted for tomorrow night.

This Friday, Nov. 9th, the 4-year anniversary of 90s Party will honour Will, Carlton, Hilary & co. And you better dress to impress: There’s a costume contest with drink and cash prizes up to $200. BAM! There will also be $1 vodka jello shots all night long, so if you’re usually more of a Carlton on the dance floor, you’ll be feeling fresh in no time.

For the costume contest, you can channel any of your 90s favourites, from Full House to Tia and Tamara Mowry. Or, take a hint from SDTC’er Meredith and friends and channel Clueless, or these other great inspirations: Ab Fab, Baywatch. Or maybe just wear all stonewashed denim and tell people you’re Luke Perry. Whatever works for you.

90s Party 4 Year Anniversary
Friday, Nov. 9, 10 pm
The Annex Wreckroom, 795 Bathurst St.
$5 before midnight, $10 after

~ Haley Cullingham