Carley Fortune is the Associate Editor of The Grid, and one seriously stylish lady. She kind of reminds us of a Hollywood movie star from the 1940s and has a gorgeous smile that seems to put one immediately at ease. This may have been why we asked her to share her holiday wish list but we also know that Carley spent countless hours creating The Grid’s alluring gift guide, so we figured she’d know her shit.

1. A.J. Métissage citrus squeezer
One of the few kitchen utensils I still need, this pretty ceramic and glass squeezer is handmade by Montreal’s Amélie Lucier and Julien Mongeau.
$53. Pimlico Design Gallery, 789 Dupont St., 416-538-0909, or 

2. Oversized ice-cube tray
My favourite place for drinks in Toronto is Cocktail Bar, where they serve an Old Fashioned with a slow-melting, giant ice cube. I’m going to steal this idea. 
$14.99. BYOB, 972 Queen St. W., 1-877-989-8980

3. Thout Holy Stump in Jamaican Aqua
These cedar logs are made in Toronto and are my dream side table. I’ve wanted one for years.
$140. Thout,

4. Acne’s Allowed silk shirt
Classic white shirts are one of my go-tos, and this one has just enough detailing—I especially like the black buttons on the sleeve—to make it interesting without being trendy. $380. 

5. Dannijo Rhoda earrings
What I really want for Christmas is a pony, but these silly horse earrings would do.

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Photo of Carley by Jenna Marie Wakani