We spent the next 5 days in bustling Barcelona and again, were amazed at how European parents insist on bringing their babies and toddlers EVERYWHERE. We’d be enjoying sangrias and late night tapas at a resto/bar and there would be a stroller at the next table. Or we’d be strolling down the Rambla – Barcelona’s loudest, noisiest, pedestrian boulevard – on our way home to bed and we’d be surrounded by other couples pushing their strollers, the babies fast asleep despite the raucousness and commotion. Incredible.

By the time we flew into Bilbao to see the famous Frank Gehry Guggenheim museum, we were missing our man like crazy!!! Luckily, at this point, we only had 2 more days to go. The trip home felt like the longest flight ever. And what made it worse was we didn’t get into Toronto until after 8pm, just after Cy had gone to bed. So not only were we away for 10 days, we were finally home but had to wait another 12 hours before seeing that smiling face again. We almost went into his room to wake him up, but stopped ourselves at the last moment. We wanted our reunion to be a happy one, and disturbing a sleeping baby rarely ends well.

It only made our morning that much better. As soon as we heard his chatting on the monitor (when Cy wakes up he likes to sit up in his bed and talk to himself and his stuffed animals for a while), we burst into his room. He took one look at us and started jumping up and down. He gave us the hugest, sweetest hugs and kisses. And it was the best morning ever.

Our honeymoon was incredible. But there’s nothing more incredible than coming home to the arms of your baby.