Remember that time we took a flight to NYC to hit the Bronx for The Killers show at Paradise Theatre? Remember when award-winning film director, Werner Herzog, decided to throw a box into the crowd that had a video camera enclosed and it surfed around for a good hour? Remember when we saw Bon Jovi shaking it a few rows up? THIS ALL HAPPENED LAST WEEK!! Guys, Amex is the card for entertainment lovers because there ain’t any other Card that hosts a party like this! #AmexUnstaged ROCKS.

The gorgeous Paradise Theatre, that could cameo as a Viennese Opera House, was packed with fans, after presale tickets for Cardmembers sold out in a matter of hours, giving Cardmembers access to the intimate The Killers show because they have an Amex in their wallet. The pulsating show had us dancing until we had sweat running down our cleavage (TMI?) and our lungs hurt from chanting “I got soul but I’m not a soldier” twenty times in a really low octave. It was so good. The. Best.

Although the theatre was packed, this was hardly where the show stopped. Presented in partnership with Vevo and Youtube, this special Amex Unstaged experience was viewed by countless fans from every corner of the world as the show live streamed. Directed by Werner Herzog, this film footage was visually stunning, making the experience special for everyone; be it front row or bedside viewing. Further, fans got to interact by submitting a photo ahead of time; we saw smiling faces from Sweden, Japan, Mexico…everywhere on a big screen at show.

Not going to humblebrag here…I’m going to FULL OUT BRAG: Being an Amex Ambassador is a seriously cool gig. Being an Amex Cardmember is pretty sweet too. For more information on some of Amex’s great perks, visit their Facebook Page.

If you missed the live-stream, catch it again by tuning into