Foxier than Megan Fox, SNP describes her TIFF look:
I’m wearing a very feline, very 90s, very very Versace dress I got on sale at LAB Consignment. I always wear the same shit on my left wrist, and on my right I have one of those cheap silver snake things you can wear a million ways. It broke, whatever. Shoes are last year’s big platforms from ALDO.

How-to master the perfect morning after hair and come hither eyes: So I went to this primping suite with Randi Bergman. The stylist from Sally Hershberger completely understood me: “So you want your hair to look fucked, then?” YES. HARDER. Then I got Smashbox makeup from some gem of a woman. I really never wear coloured eyeshadow, I hate it, but it’s not like I’m really “me” at anything where there’s a red carpet anyway. So I got enormous teal eyes. I felt like a stripper or maybe a minister’s wife in Houston.

The event where this photo was snapped: I was leaving the Kate Spade party, which was really pretty and proper. Everything slid downhill from there. We were getting into Randi’s loaner Cadillac, and my fave Tara took this on her iPhone.

Favourite part of the night: Definitely the time I fell down while standing.

Best overheard quote: Those girls aren’t going pee in there.

OMG…the celebrities! Bryce Dallas Howard hosted the Kate Spade thing, and apparently Jessica Chastain was there too. Later, much later, “The Weeknd” was at Goodnight. Sorry, but it’s so funny when people call him “The Weeknd.” He’s not really famous. Maybe fame-ish.

Conversation recap: “Did you RSVP to the Hazelton?”
“I think so.”
“That means you didn’t.”
“Well maybe they’ll…uhhh….remember me from last year?”
Twenty minutes later, no dice. Maybe they remember me from last year better than I remember me from last year…

The swag: A swag bag, literally, at Kate Spade. It’s patent and croc-like and my mom will love it.

Three words to describe her TIFF Friday night: JESUS CHRIST WHY

How did the night end? 

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