The Macallan Scotch Whisky Tasting Event at 99 Sudbury had us fantasizing about lumberjacks and pensive writers

Last week, Shedoesthecity wrangled a group of devoted whiskey lovers for a special Macallan Scotch Whisky tasting event. We typically host events that attract women like bees to a hive, but for this particular evening the men came out in droves. Bay St. bankers, punk rock bassists, lawyers, photo journalists, film carpenters, writers….everyone wanted a taste. Sure, there were some women in the group who claimed whisky as their number one vice, but it was the men who really went mad for The Macallan. Frankly, it turned us on.

The sophisticated affair at 99 Sudbury began with casual mingling and a glass of The Macallan Fine Oak 10 year. Two Irish lads seemed nervous that things would start and finish with that first drink, but were reassured that was not the case. Prior to moving into what we shall deem The Great Hall, we were advised to gather a plate of cheese to compliment the tasting. Yes, it sounded like a simple enough step but, as per usual, it only takes one intolerable guest to start a brouhaha around the buffet. Apparently, some folks were not grabbing their cheese fast enough – causing others (read: one insane woman) to FREAK OUT. Listen, we aren’t in the P.A.T.H waiting for a Grande Bold – so chill the eff out! Here’s an idea, why not have some whisky? Talk about needing to take the edge off, sheesh.

Following the prosciutto and stilton skirmish, we joined our friends and got a lesson on how to drink from The Macallan brand ambassador Marc Laverdiere. Here’s how to do it: don’t swirl your glass like wine, just hold the it still, part your lips, and breath in the liquid. This will allow the aroma to open up. Sound sensual? It is.

We had the opportunity to taste the 10 year old Fine Oak (40%), 12 year old Sherry Oak (40%), th15 year old Fine Oak (43%), the Macallan Sherry Oak Cask Strength (59% alcohol! Hizzah-hizzah!) and the 18 year old Sherry Oak (43%.) The Macallan document tells us that the taste is rich and smooth, vanilla with a hint of wood smoke and a full and lingering finish. What did we taste? The wet lips of a strong lumberjack who we met in the thick woods around a slow burning fire. The sweat of a drummer who just finished a set. The dewy neck of an ivy league rower and the muscular groin of a pensive writer. Mmm – it tasted good.

What else did we learn? A few weeks back, a woman in NYC bought a 64 year old bottle of The Macallan 64 for $460,000 at an auction at Sotheby’s. That’s how good this stuff is.

It’s true, we left feeling a little bit warmer and utterly in love.

Think whiskey is your middle name? Check out The Macallan Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TheMacallanCanada

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