The #MemeMachine: Arrested for planking, rapping babies and evil Santa

In which the intrepid MemeMachine offers a discerning selection of what’s buzzing on the internet. Bringing you crucial knowledge that you were presumably too busy to extract from the internet because you were off enjoying the outside world IRL. This is procrastination at its finest. You’re welcome.

T’is the season for …rounding up everything that happened in 2011. This video consists of clips of every major blockbuster released this year, edited together into one neat montage package deal.

And in #MemeNews, a man was arrested for planking all over an obscure-sounding Wisconsin town. Now, was the $303 fined really worth a few vertical photos? Is planking even funny anymore? The #MemeMachine says good riddance to the town of Mantiowoc, Wisconsin for punishing such a ridiculous act of tomfoolery. Especially since, you know, Leisure Diving is the new planking.

Kids rap the darndest things. As seen on Ellen, this 2-year-old kid literally started rapping before he could speak. His work is so, like, visceral, man.

More babies online! Here are two terrified children wailing on Santa’s lap. Their facial expressions of pure, hellfire fear give the words “He sees you when you’re sleeping” a whole new meaning.

Oskar the blind kitten and the Christmas tree. That’s the title of the linked video and it, quite frankly, is pretty darn self-explanatory.

This, by the way, is how you lose $2400 in 24 seconds.

T’was tweeted: A photo of Rob Ford wearing make up and a ridiculous outfit, presumably for his cameo in the Nutcracker. In fact, here are three more.

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