Probably one of the first flicks we ever saw, Freaky Friday the original screens at TIFF Bell Lighbox this Saturday. We can’t wait to take a trip back in time when we all the girls in the neighbourhood piled on the pull-out sofa, all of us clad in every colour of Cotton Ginny, to lick salty popcorn fingers and swap places with mom.

As a young girl, this movie put all sorts of ideas in our head. If only we could have a Freaky Friday,  we’d get to drive Mom’s BMW at full speed, wear her lipstick, say bad words like “FUCK” and finally get to sit in on one of those secretive University of Women’s club meetings, instead of hovering on the staircase trying to spy. It would be SO COOL. We especially wished for this when we were angry, so mom could see why our life was so hard and why everything wasn’t fair.

The film came out in ’76, and we probs watched it for the first time in ’88…and at nine years old, we immediately fell for badass Jodie Foster.  She was the cool babysitter we wished Mom would call, WAY better than Susan….who SMOKED!  We know because we would dig around her backpack when she was to busy on the phone with her dumbass boyfriend. Foster was also the tomboy we wanted to be and, even at a young age, we lesbian crushed her.

Watch Freaky Friday for Foster, watch it for memories or watch it for wardrobe inspiration ’cause the 70s is all the rage in fashion right now.

It’s supposed to be chilly this weekend, so this sounds like a good plan. 2pm, Saturday!