The Right Hand follows Canadian dude and recent grad Brandon MacIntosh in his role as PA to Dan Leal or Porno Dan. Yes, Brandon holds a boom mic and wrangles hungover porn stars to set, but he also has the glamorous job of wiping down couches after group orgies. Nice. Co-created and directed by Torontonian Matt Austin-Sadowski (Don’t You Forget About Me) this new series, which premiered earlier this fall, is like Hugh Hefner’s Girl Next Door meets RedTube meets your guy pal from university. Something like that. It’s funny, dirty and there is a lot of nudity and get er’ done f*cking. This isn’t tinsel town folks, this is pussy, cock and stale hotel rooms. And like Intervention or Hoarders it can sometimes be a bit disturbing, like, what kind of life do these people lead? Let’s just say it isn’t aspirational.

Brandon looks like the kind of kid who hangs band posters in his bedroom, eats wings and drinks beer. He looks like a nice Canadian boy, and probably is, but The Right Hand exposes him to a whole new, raunchy and desperate, scene. Applying somewhat blindly to an ad on Craigslist, Brandon really didn’t know what he was getting himself into. It’s amusing watching him stumble around and get barked orders to “Clean this shit up.” And by “shit” we mean condom wrappers and sticky residue. Ewww. Good luck finding a girlfriend, Brandon!

If you haven’t yet checked out The Right Hand, there are four more episodes set to air that should feed your porn world curiosity. They air late night on Fridays on The Movie Network and are also available On Demand. See schedule here

Q&A with porn star Jackie Daniels

We had the opportunity to have a phone convo with porn star Jackie Daniels, who can be seen doing it on tape in a few of The Right Hand episodes. Here’s what young Jackie had to say:

What’s your porn speciality? Anal? Tits? Threesomes?
I’m not known for anything specific. I squirt, I do boy-girl, girl-girl and I do a lot of stuff that everyone does. I am just really smiley and bubbly. I prefer to do boy-girl scenes. I like men and women and that way I get both.

Do you have a significant other?
I actually have a boyfriend. We’ve been together for four years. He’s not in porn.

What kind of sex do you like at home?
We do the crazy porn stuff at home, standing 69’s and pile driver.

What the hell is “pile driver”?

The girl rests on her shoulders, legs in the air and guy kind of does these squats on you. If you were to jump on a guy and give him a hug, and lay back…and then you hold yourself up. It’s fun, kind of aggressive and usually makes me squirt.

What’s a perfect date for you?

A good date for me would be something normal and relaxing. Maybe he could cook me dinner and then we have wine. I enjoy just relaxing and being chill. I mean, I live in Vegas so I party Sunday through Sunday. 

What about being in The Right Hand most excites you?
I’m really excited because we got to do a lot of sex and crazy fun stuff and I’m glad that people get to see a glimpse of the porno world. But the show is just a glimpse. If you were to see all of the craziness, I don’t think people could handle it.

What is happiness to you?

I love the gym. I’m obsessed with working out. If I’m ever in a crappy mood, I go to the gym.

Brandon is from a small town. Are you from a small town?
I’m from Glendale, Arizona…right next to Arizona. But, in Arizona everyone kinda acts small town because we all go hiking and fishing; it’s more relaxed but still a city.

Do you ever make love with your boyfriend?
We never make love. Even if we go slow, it gets rough.

Do you have a fetish?
I get off on other people’s fetishes. My boyfriend likes to spit.

Do you have any pets?
I have a dog and he is the love of my life, but he doesn’t like walking ’cause he’s fat. 

If you could be anything else, what would you be?
A lawyer. I love arguing. I do that anyway. I’m really good at doing hair and makeup so I figure when I’m done porn I’ll get my cosmetology license.”

You started porn when you were just shy of 20 and now you are turning 23 – what has changed? Is it still as fun for you?
It’s different from when you first start. At first it’s really wild, everyone wants to shoot you, you make all sorts of money.

What is Dan like to work for?
Dan is really funny, all the girls really like him. He’s is very kind to us. He doesn’t care what other people think and he pisses a lot of people off. He’s a character, he’s really funny.

Meet the other cast of characters and find out more show info on The Right Hand website.