Oh, St. Paddy’s day, it can be a mess can’t it? I have vague memories of being a young twenty-something, running around in my “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” tee, tangled green beeds choking my neck and plastic leprechaun hat being thumped down on my head by some 6ft5 inebriated Mic. I would try to guzzle as much green beer as possible and really play up my McNeely roots (accent and all) even though the last time my family lived in Ireland was the 1700s. 

Known for doing everything, well, better, The Society once again managed to create a sophisticated spin on a much loved tradition and offered members a classy new way to celebrate St. Paddy’s.  Guests gathered in the historic Campbell House Museum, that sits across from Osgoode station, to sip Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey. They called it a “Kitchen Concert” which basically means, booze and jigs in an intimate setting. In this case, more whiskey meant more smiles and as the night went on,  Society members got comfy stomping their feet as local folky talent filled the old house with celebratory tunes. Musicians included Jadea Kelly, Farquhar & Seldon and Duncan McEntrye.

It was a welcomed change from the Great Big Sea, great big mess that was happening in most bars around town.

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