The Stars Do Hallowe'en

We’ve taken off our wigs and our makeup and our laboured-over costumes – that’s right, Hallowe’en is over. We hope you’ve gotten over your Sunday hangovers and have eaten your fair share of teeny chocolate bars and baby-sized potato chip packets. Now, what better to do on a lazy post-Halloweekend Monday than check out what the stars dressed up as this year?

While us normal folk searched through our closets, Value Village racks and and fabric stores to come up with a costume, the rich and fabulous have stylists for these things, so it’s always fun to see what they come up with. This year, however, a lot of stars failed to really turn it out. Predictably, Perez Hilton dressed up as Lady GaGa in a stomach-turning display of ass-kissing, and had his outfit custom-made by Haus of GaGa. Meanwhile, Lady GaGa posted this message on her Twitter on Saturday: “Going out in nyc tonight, to drink until I fall. First ten to recognize its me, get seats at MONSTERBALL. Xxgagamonster”. We were expecting her to be in some unrecognizable costume, as other faux-Lady GaGas in costume got attacked by her rabid fans, but even she just dressed up as herself! Boooo, Lady GaGa, we hoped for more!

Kudos to the celebs who did make the effort with their costumes: some of our favourites this year were Heidi Klum’s elaborate crow costume, and Michelle Trachtenberg’s ornate Marie Antoinette getup. Joining Perez in the loser’s circle this year is Bai Ling – girl, that isn’t even a costume, we know you dress like that every day. Paris Hilton showed off just how whipped her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt really is by having him dress up just like her two nights in a row, first as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz then as a tooth fairy.

Celebrities, you need to step up your game! SDTC puts you to shame with our Hallowe’en Hall of Fame!

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