There’s a lot of love between Dan and Jeff. And it’s not just because today’s the day humans around the world are either making googly eyes at their one-and-only or sad eyes at their TV screen. It’s because of the baby they have made together. A beautiful baby boy named Potter. Potted Potter!

I hung out with Dan and Jeff at the Spoke Club on King West and we passed the brilliantly sunny half hour chatting about all the things these two true gentlemen love. Any downtime was used to tease the other about their choices, or marvel at just how British they ended up sounding.

What does Dan love?

My mum
Thermal socks – they’re like a blanket on your foot!
My iPhone
Roast dinner/Sunday lunch.  You know, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding…
My girlfriend, Sophie
Star Wars
Super Dry
My hamster Batman.  I really miss him.  I mean her.
Mr. Bo Jangles by Sammy Davis Jr.
Music festivals (Glastonbury in particular)
My family
Charlie Chaplin

And Jeff?  Spoiler alert: Dan is not included on this list.

The Simpsons
Stand up comedy
Social networking
Harry Potter
A lazy day in a pub
The Muppets
Roald Dahl
The seaside
Dodgeball (the game)
Monty Python
Pub quizzes
Play Station
Canadian portion sizes
Friends and family 

And the question on everyone’s mind: are Dan and Jeff muggles?  As it happens, no.

“I’m a squib,” Jeff says, and while Dan eventually admits to the same label, he puts up at least a bit of a fight. “I’m a wizard. Sometimes I open automatic doors with my finger. Or mutter to myself on the street,” noting that the people I saw doing the same on my walk from school were his brethren.

And in case you were dying to know, Dan is an aspiring Hufflepuff. “I would stay well out of Harry’s way. And Cedric Diggory, because” – and here Jeff chimes in with – “he’s a vampire. Confusing, isn’t it?”

A departure in terms of cast, but not so far in terms of magic, Dan and Jeff also love the Muppets, which has yet to hit screens across the pond. “We’re so excited! It’s #1 on our list of things to do!”

In terms of tourist stuff, the pair aren’t interested. “We’ve been really impressed by the basics,” (from now on there will be no attribution, Dan and Jeff have become one and shall speak as such), like the tram (that’s fancy talk for streetcar) and the grocery stores.”

If there’s one thing Dan and Jeff have, it’s a pair of big hearts. Come see these boys work their squib magic onstage at the Panasonic Theatre. If the seven-books-in-70-minutes is anything like their forty loves in thirty minutes, it’s going to be a mega treat.

Potted Potter opens tonight at the Panasonic Theatre and neither my date nor I could think of anything else we’d rather do for our Alternative Valentine’s Day. Get Tickets Here!