Grandmas jump in puddles and get their shoes wet.
They splash around in mud just because it’s fun.
They do laps in a toy Audi around the park in the rain.
They slide down wet sides and climb dirty jungle gyms.
They spend hours sifting through sandboxes, and get sand in their shoes, and probably everywhere else.
They enthusiastically watch Fireman Sam. On repeat.
They happily make grilled cheese ad nausueum.
They play with legos and trucks and trains, they read book after book after book, until they almost lose their voice, and scrape playdough from underneath their fingernails.
They learn the difference between matchbox Delorians, Porsches, Plymouths and Shelbys. Just because.
They always get up super early, and go home late, yet still find the time between all this to make dinner!

And they fly across the country to do this.

Grandmas are a gift, and we have no idea where we would be without them!